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Thanks to all 453 athletes who tried out!

2015 Delta Region Invitational Girls High-Performance Camp Ages 10-16

May 30-31, 2015 McGee Center, Conway, AR

for information on the camp see the:

  January, 2015 HP Newsletter 

In order to be considered for the 2015 Delta Region HP Camp, candidates must attend a Delta Region HP Tryout. Not all who tryout will be selected for the camp. Only the top 72 athletes from all of the tryouts will be selected to attend the camp. 

HP Camp selections will be posted on the Delta Region website at under the HP tab on Friday, April 17. It is the responsibility of the athlete to check the website to determine if an invitation to attend the camp has been made. The athlete will have until April 24 at 4:00PM to accept the invitation and submit the $185 camp fee. If the invitation is not accepted by the deadline, the athlete will lose their spot for the camp and the invitation will be issued to another athlete. There will be no refunds issued after the April 24th deadline.

If invited to attend this year’s HP Camp, please be sure to pay attention to the instructions on how to register and the applicable deadline. Once the deadline has passed for your invitation, you will lose the opportunity to attend the program and another athlete will be invited.

Alternate athletes, if issued an invitation, will need to register online for their spot in the selected program within 48 hours of the issued invitation. It is essential that anyone who is notified of being an alternate attend to the posted deadlines so as not to lose an opportunity. In addition, all invitations from the alternate list are made by e-mail only, so be sure to register for tryouts with a valid e-mail and check that e-mail daily after tryout results posting.

The 2015 Delta Region High Performance 2-day Camp will be held at the McGee Center in Conway, Ar. The camp will be held Saturday, May 30 thru Sunday, May 31. Cost of the camp is $185 which must be paid at time of registration. A registration link for the camp will be provided at time of selection. Participants are responsible for travel and accommodations.


2014 HP Camp History & Participants:

Youth MVP:Sadie Pate with Coach David McFatrich

 Select MVP:Ella Powell with Coach Samantha Wolinski  

Future Select MVP: Hannah Hogue with Coach Justin Dee

Top Offensive Players:


Future Select: Riley Melton   Select:  Haley Warner  Youth:  AnnaClaire Pilkington

Top Defensive Players:


Future Select:Marissa Gilmore  Select: Kaitlyn Schimmel  Youth:  Emily Doss

Best Attitude


Future Select: Annison Yates  Select: Alexandria Lipsey & Josie Tilley   Youth: Madison McKinley

Most Encouraging Coach:  Phyllis Anayango, Bells, TN  



Photo Directories of 2014 HP Camp Selections:


1998-1999 Youth 2000-2001 Select 2002-2003 Future Select
Callie  Anderton Baylee Bargainer Thea Bishop
Alyson Brinkley Cassidy Brady Parker Bracken
Madison Brown Abby Cagle Claire Eastep
Sara Davis Abigail Cissell Marissa Gilmore
MacKenzie Dear Sarah Cox Lydia Hagood
Emily Doss Elizabeth Crist Hannah Hogue
Elizabeth Griffith Kaylee Croushore Mikayla Johnson
Arika Johnson Kara Dickey Gracie McGee
Abigail Kathol Alexandra Dupree Riley Melton
Savannah King Chloe Fitzgerald  Kelsey Price
Sarah          Thompson Katelynn Grant Madison Trusty
Ansley Matthews Evelyn Griffith Lylah Washington
Madison McKinley Margaret Joyce Skyler Weindorf
Annalee Parker Evan Kohler Annison Yates
Sadie Pate Lindy Linebaugh
Madison Pfeifer Alexandra Lipsey
AnnaClaire Pilkington Victoria Malak
Hannah Martin
Canaan Richardson Elle McFatrich
Ashton Sitkowski Abbigail McGee
Emily Thompson Caitlin Murdock
Klaire Trainor Emma Palasak
Callie Weaver Noa Parks
Hannah Cox Ella Powell
Elizabeth Williams Chloe Price
Paige Williams Madison Rankin
Kaitlyn Schemel
Kennedy Schritenthal
Carsyn Starr
Rachel Sullivan
Annika Thompson
Lauren Thompson
Josie Tilley
Gia Tricarico
Haley Warner
Emma White




 April 2014 HP Newsletter 

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2014 HP Camp Players & Coaching Staff
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2014 Youth HP