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2014-15 Event Schedule
Inclement Weather Policy
Regional Championships/Bid Qualifier
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 Delta Region Sanctioned Events (except the Bid Qualifier) allow the following modifications unless prohibited by Tournament Director.

  • Note:  Age-Waivered players may participate in Delta Region events
  • Boys with USAV age 10, 11, 12 & 13 may play in girls 10s, 11s, 12s & 13s either as a boys team or as a co-ed team.  Modified uniform requirements (shirts & shorts must be same color as teammates) for co-ed teams.
  • Step-in serving rule (2-meter step in) allowed for 12 & under tournaments if permitted by tournament director

2014-15 Delta Region Event Calendar

Please notify region office of any additions or corrections

*note:  This event calendar also includes some larger events in neighboring Regions.  We certainly encourage Delta Region teams to FIRST support the tournaments inside our Region.  However, many regional tournaments fill up and the long distance across our Region complicates matters for teams.  USA Volleyball is moving toward a national ranking system for Junior Volleyball teams that will utilize the results from multi-day tournaments with teams from at least four different Regions competing.  These rankings will likely be based on the different Regional Zones of USA Volleyball.  The Delta Region is part of the Border Zone, which includes the area from Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & the Florida Panhandle.  Only the multi-day events beginning on/after the President's Day weekend will be counted in this ranking.  Tournament directors using the AES registration system will automatically have results forwarded for ranking purposes.  Non-AES event directors may choose to submit their results to USA Volleyball within two days of the event completion.  Joe Williams, Commissioner