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Junior Volleyball is a program of  Delta Region Volleyball directed at individuals 18 years or younger. The purpose of the Delta Region Junior Volleyball program is to offer you an opportunity to become involved in a wholesome and beneficial athletic activity, which you can pursue at various skill levels. You should be introduced to the joys of athletic competition, should learn good lifetime physical activity habits during their formative years, and should be exposed to basic and complex volleyball skills. The Junior Volleyball program should be a bridge for you between Junior Club ball and Adult Volleyball.

The Junior Volleyball program is only a part of the development of our youth. Everyone involved should recognize that family and school issues have priority over this program. The region does not guarantee that every youth participant will be invited to play on a team as clubs and teams are private enterprises. 


Every person that wants to try out for a club must first become a member of USA Volleyball. The junior player membership fee is $52. Much of the $52 membership fee goes toward insurance not only for the player but also for the club and facility.

We understand if you are new to Junior Volleyball that you might not be completely sure that this is what your child wants to do. No worries. If your child is not injured during the tryout process, the Delta Region will issue a refund of the full $52 USA Volleyball membership cost and cancel the membership if he/she decides not to play this season. Please note: if he/she sustains an injury we cannot refund the membership fee due to the fact we will need the insurance coverage to remain in effect for her and the club.

If you want to request a refund, click here for the form and email to the Delta Region office by December 1. No refunds will be issued after the deadline date of December 1st.

What to take to tryouts:

  • Your USA Volleyball Membership card as proof of registration and a filled-in Medical Release form. Make copies for all tryouts--each tryout will need to keep a copy. Below are instructions on how to print your Member Card and your Medical Release form.


We see growth on the horizon for Boys Volleyball in the Delta Region. Boys Volleyball continues to grow nationwide and interests is growing in the Delta Region. We hope to have some all boys events in the near future. Until then, individual junior volleyball clubs have the option of coed volleyball teams for  athletes ages 13 and below. The coed teams are allowed to play in region events in divisions ages 10-13 (according to the player's age). We hope to increase the awareness of boy’s volleyball within the region and encourage local boys to become involved in the sport. The goal would be to see regional Junior Boys teams form and compete throughout the nation as our girls teams have.

Boys may NOT play in the Delta Region Bid Qualifier, as teams winning this event qualify for play at  Girls Junior National Championships where boys are not allowed to play.



USA Volleyball is excited to announce the launch of, an online shopping experience for members and fans to purchase USA Volleyball branded gear and merchandise. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, jackets and more, including an Adidas line of USAV merchandise designed specifically for the shop. Check back often to this site as we will be adding additional merchandise throughout the season!

Player Information and Resources for Junior Players

Check out this link for some very interesting ideas and suggestions for Junior athletes. Some ask how can I spike harder? Am I too Short to play volleyball? Then there are thoughts for setters, thoughts on defense and thoughts on service. Can you train without a net or friends? Find out how.

Guide to Volleyball Basics

This guide is intended to help you attain a basic understanding of the game of volleyball.


You should know that a whole team stands ready to help and protect you. If you have questions, want to disclose an incident or just need someone to talk with, USA Volleyball and SafeSport can help.