MEMBERSHIPS: Because the USAV on-line registration system (Webpoint) allows the electronic acceptance of the USAV Waiver & Release of Liability, USAV Participant Code of Conduct, Use Agreement, and Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics during the electronic  membership registration process, as well as the option for a member to electronically submit the Background Screening Application, it is required that individuals register themselves in the system or submit signed paperwork to the Region (as Region policy may allow).  
CLUB CODES: Club Codes are defined by the Region, unique within each Region, and formatted using five alphanumeric characters.  It is important that the correct Club Code is used throughout the season and within all membership and event registration systems. If you are uncertain of your Team Code contact the Delta Region office for the information.

TEAM ROSTERS: Before you can enter events, you will need to set up Team Rosters through Webpoint. Directions on how to assign players and staff to the team roster is included in the Club Admin User Manual below. 

TEAM CODES: After you set up your team rosters the system will generate a Team Code for each team. Each digit of the Team Code represents something. For instance: if you set up a team roster of 18s in your club and you have two 18s teams--one of the teams would be ranked #1 in your club and one of the teams would be ranked #2 in your club.

When the system generates a Team Code, the first three digits of the team code tells you the sex and age of the team, for instance FJ8--means they are a team of female juniors age 18. Next comes the five digit Club Code followed by the rank of the team and the region. So, FJ8WAVES1DE= female junior 18s (FJ8)  in club West TN Waves (WAVES), which they are the first 18s team in their club and they are members of the Delta Region (DE). The second 18s team would be FJ8WAVES2DE--notice the only difference is the number 2.

Lets do one more: if a code is FJ6WAVES3DE = female juniors 16s from West TN Waves and they are the number three 16s team in their club, and they are members of the Delta Region. If a Team code begins with CJ6WAVES1DE --this means they are a coed juniors 16s team.


USA Volleyball and the Delta Region uses an online registration system called Webpoint.  All online member registrations will be captured using this system . Through Webpoint  you will be able to  view your club information along with your member's information, send member emails, produce and print your rosters and much more. After you become a Club Director or Club Admin, when you login to your member account, you will see a new Club Mgmt. tab. The below Club Admin User Manual should help you learn to use the site.

Each club can have up to three Club Admins. Please note: all Club Admins must be members of USA Volleyball, have a current background screening and SafeSport certified.