ESIX  offers a voluntary online Directors & Officers Insurance Program to all USA Volleyball clubs. 

Here are a few of the  program's highlights: 

  •  CARRIER:  The program is underwritten by Philadelphia Insurance Company, rated "A++" (Superior) by A.M. Best.
  • DIRECTORS & OFFICERS (D&O) COVERAGE:  Protects your organization’s directors & officers from personal liability associated with their wrongful acts, errors, and omissions in the performance of duties for your organization.  Typical D&O claims often allege mismanagement of funds and negligent decisions affecting club members, participants, coaches, officials and others.
  • EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY (EPL) COVERAGE:  Protects your organization’s board members from claims alleging harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination. 
  • PRIOR ACTS COVERAGE:  Prior acts are covered provided there are no current pending claims, and the club is not aware of any circumstance which could give rise to a claim. 
  • LIMITS AND COST OF COVERAGE:  The annual premium is $575 for a $1,000,000 limit and $875 for a $2,000,000 limit.
  • DEFENSE COSTS:  Coverage for defense is provided in addition to the policy limits.
  • COMMON ANNIVERSARY DATE:  All policies will have a common expiration date of 11/1/2012.  For club enrollments after 11/1/2011, the online system will calculate a pro-rata premium from the date of enrollment through expiration on 11/1/2012, so that clubs only pay for the time actually insured through the program, subject to a minimum premium of $100.
  • ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:  USA Volleyball clubs must be not-for-profit with annual revenues less than $1,000,000 and no more than five employees.  Participating clubs cannot have any pending/prior D&O or EPL claims.  Clubs not meeting these eligibility requirements can still apply for coverage, but will be subject to underwriting review and additional premiums. 
  • ON LINE APPLICATION:  USA Volleyball affiliated clubs can apply for coverage and renew coverage at  

 Note:  Directors and Officers Insurance is often confused with General Liability insurance. The two are not synonymous.  A General Liability policy affords coverage with respect to claims arising out of bodily injury or property damage, and limited personal or advertising injury.  A General Liability policy is not designed to cover the types of claims covered under D&O and EPL policies. 

 The information contained in this summary is intended to serve only as an outline for general understanding of your insurance and should not be construed as a legal interpretation of the insurance policies written.  Reference should be made to the respective policies for complete details including terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of coverage.  Premiums and information is subject to change without prior notice.