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update to Coronavirus response-all USA Volleyball and Delta Region events and activities cancelled through April 30th

March 31, 2020 Update from USAV CEO Jamie Davis

USA Volleyball is extending the elimination of sanctions for all USA Volleyball activities (including but not limited to events, practices, team activities, individual training sessions or anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance) through April 30, 2020. USA Volleyball is monitoring the situation daily and will continue to provide updates on a regular basis.

USA Volleyball has been asked by local clubs whether such ban applies to club activities covered under the club’s own (non-USA Volleyball) insurance. In these situations, USA Volleyball strongly encourages all member clubs and coaches to adhere to USA Volleyball’s policies. However, should a club decide to voluntarily disregard those policies and assume all risks associated therewith, we recommend that the club adhere to CDC; local, state and federal guidelines and recommendations when deciding whether or not to host practices or individual training sessions. If a club does host practice or individual training sessions, those activities would be considered a non-sanctioned activity by USA Volleyball and thus NOT covered by USA Volleyball insurance.

The health and welfare of our membership, volleyball families and fellow citizens is our primary concern in all decisions we are making during these uncharted times.

USA Volleyball has a page on its website solely devoted to COVID-19 which is updated with the latest information at

To clarify, all Delta Region events and activities are halted through April 30, 2020.

2019-2020 Delta Region Calendar of Events

Check this site for the latest 2019-2020 Calendar of Events for the Delta Region


Rule Modifications effective only in Delta Region events– not at National events or Bid Qualifier:

1.) Boys may play in girls divisions 10s, 11s & 12s; boys age 13 may play in girls 14s division; boys age 14 may play in girls 16s division- as long as they fall into the age requirement guidelines (either coed or boys).    No age waivers will be granted for boys.

2.) 2-meter Step-in Serving rule for 12 & under will be used at all Delta Region events.

3.) Player Uniform Waiver: The DCR says “the color and design for the jerseys and shorts must be uniform…” which indicates shorts over spandex would not be allowable. However, for play within the Delta Region, the Delta Region Commissioner can grant exceptions to players who, for religious or modesty reasons, wish  to  cover up.  Players that have been granted a Uniform Waiver have been instructed to carry the Delta Region authorization to all Delta Region events for verification. The shorts will need to be the same color as the team’s spandex. 

4.) Age Group Waivers will be accepted: Many athletes would prefer to play with their classmates, even if they are slightly older and their birth date would require her to play with an older age group. If the coach wants to request an age-group waiver, the entire team will be unable to play in nationally-sanctioned events. Age waivers will be granted to junior players within the Delta Region, to play in the next lower age group only.  For example, a 16 year old junior player that is in the 9th grade and whose birthday is prior to Sept. 1 of the following year may apply for a waiver to play with her 9th grade classmates for the upcoming season.  These waivers will be valid only within the Delta Region and will not be valid at the national level. Other  regions  MAY choose to allow the participation of age waived players. Contact the individual Tournament Director to check on the eligibility of waived players within the region you will be playing.  If an outside region does not accept waived players then said player may not participate in sanctioned tournaments within that region unless the player plays with her age appropriate team as directed by the USAV Age Definitions. Age-waivered players may also not participate in the Delta Region Bid Qualifier, any National Qualifier or the Junior Olympic National Championships unless the player plays with her age-appropriate team. Note: if a team plans to play in the Delta Bid Qualifier, National Qualifiers or the Junior National Championships, they MAY NOT want to utilize these changes in their team selection or tournament play, as these modifications will not be in force…so age-waivered players cannot play, etc. Other Regions may not accept these waivers; it is the decision of each region.


In the event of inclement weather, each individual and team must make the decision whether or not to attend a tournament. This decision must be made regardless of whether the tournament director or Region decides to hold the tournament and whether or not other local teams decide to attend. Should inclement weather cause a team to decide not to attend a tournament, the team captain or other team representative must notify the Tournament Director and the Regional Office immediately.

Generally speaking, the Region will make every effort to hold a tournament. The Region will almost NEVER cancel a tournament based on “predicted” weather. The assumption should be made that a tournament will be held, unless you are notified otherwise. If you must contact the tournament director or Region coordinator, please have only the club/team rep contact the office so duplicate inquiries from the same club/team can be avoided.

For inclement weather that strikes the day of a tournament, it is unlikely that a tournament director could contact all teams beforehand, so the tournament will be held for all teams that are able to make it.


A motion recently passed by the RVA Association of USA Volleyball  gives the final authority on jersey legality to the tournament director, qualifier director or USA Volleyball national events director. Rationale: Not all referees can agree on what is a legal jersey and what is not. Some referees make over reaching decisions because they fear repercussions of not following all rules to the letter. Tournament directors want the players to play, even if a jersey does not comply with the strict interpretation of a rule. Please Note: Every attempt must be made to purchase team uniforms as according to the Rule Book. 


Click on this link for the latest list of the 2020 Delta Region certified Referees for hire. Only those on this list may be hired to work your event.