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In the event of inclement weather, each individual and team must make the decision whether or not to attend a tournament. This decision must be made regardless of whether the tournament director or Region decides to hold the tournament and whether or not other local teams decide to attend. Should inclement weather cause a team to decide not to attend a tournament, the team captain or other team representative must notify the Tournament Director and the Regional Office immediately.

Generally speaking, the Region will make every effort to hold a tournament. The Region will almost NEVER cancel a tournament based on “predicted” weather. The assumption should be made that a tournament will be held, unless you are notified otherwise. If you must contact the tournament director or Region coordinator, please have only the club/team rep contact the office so duplicate inquiries from the same club/team can be avoided.

For inclement weather that strikes the day of a tournament, it is unlikely that a tournament director could contact all teams beforehand, so the tournament will be held for all teams that are able to make it.