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Information for Professional Officials

Thank You for Becoming a Delta Region Official

Officials who will be working in the Delta Region must be registered through USA Volleyball. Independent adults (age 18 and above) may register with the Delta Region as a Professional Official with a discounted yearly membership of $27.

It is the policy of the Delta Region that individuals officiating sanctioned events must submit & pass a background screening as determined by USA Volleyball; complete SafeSport training  (instructions below); and have completed the online officials training clinic as instructed for the level of the individual (directions  below for taking online clinics). 

Background screenings are to be completed every two years at an additional cost of $30.00. You will be prompted to pay for the screening at the time of registration. 


  • To educate, train, and evaluate officials for the sport of volleyball.
  • Establish criteria for progressive levels of officiating certification and directing the certification process for Delta Region officials.
  • Disseminating information about officiating opportunities.
  • Promoting the use of officials who are certified by the Delta Region. 
  • Develop and maintain professional and ethical conduct guidelines for Delta Region officials.

We hope your career as a volleyball official is a fun and rewarding experience. Please contact us with your Officiating and Scoring questions,

Referee Chair: Keith Hutchison ~ Email: Cell:731-394-3861

Score Chair: Rachael Stringer ~ Email:   Cell: 904-699-8985

USA VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY ~ Official clinic/exam site for Officials

Delta Region uses USA Volleyball’s Official training & education site called USA Volleyball Academy as our official clinic/exam site. The clinics introduce the rules of the game to our members and provides them with the guidance and support to make their tournament experiences structured, fair, and hopefully, more enjoyable. The Guidebook above contains step-by-step instructions of how to maneuver the Academy and how to submit a “Help” ticket in case you run into trouble.

In order to receive credit, your courses can only be accessed through your USAV Member Account. When you became a member, you were assigned your very own USAV account. You will need to know your Username and Password to access the site. If you have forgotten it, use the “Forgot my password” button on the sign-in page. 

Steps to register for the online officiating clinics are as follows:

  1. Go to to login to your Member Account
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. On the left bottom section of the page look for the Region Clinics tab and then click on Region Ref/score Clinics
  4. A list of clinics will then come up on the page. Read each description carefully for the DE Clinics you wish to take. You should only take courses listed for Professionals.
  5. After you register for the clinic, you will receive a confirmation email telling you that you are all signed up and can begin, including a link to the clinics. If you aren’t ready to start yet—no worries—you can log back in to the clinics from the main page of your Member Account.
  6. To log in to the place where the DE Clinics can be found (after you register), just click on the “Volleyball Academy” button on your Member Account page. You will then be directed to the Learning Material site.
  7. You will notice that the clinic you signed up for has a DE listed in the title. This just means this is the name of the Delta clinic (all regions of USAV uses this same site).
  8. Under each DE Clinic you will find the actual modules you have to take. Each module will begin with an Introduction Slide to remind you of what you need to take. The actual modules you take are the same modules offered to everyone in USAV—which is why the course titles all begin with US.
  9. You will need to take all modules in your Learning Material site—that includes everything that begins with US.

When you have completed all modules, have a current background screening and SafeSport certification, your certification will immediately appear under the Officiating tab on the first page of your Member Account.

If you have trouble with the Volleyball Academy training site, there is a tab in the top blue border of the page that reads “Help”. Fill out a Help ticket and someone from the Academy will walk you through your problem.


Below is a list of clinics offered to Professional Officials (that want to work for pay). Please notice there are several modules included in each clinic. All modules must be completed in order to be certified.

2020 Officiating Overview  
Signals 27
Introduction to First Referee Responsibilities 13
Net & Center Line Rules 10
Net Play 13
Libero Rules 22
Introduction to Sanctions 8
Ball Handling Best Practices 10
Cram Session – Practice rules exam  
Form C Referee Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations 10
2019-20 Points of Emphasis for Recertifying Referees 15
What Ifs – 2019-20 10
Back Row Awareness 12
Cram Session – Practice rules exam  
Form A Rules Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations 10
2019-20 Points of Emphasis for Recertifying Referees 15
Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set 25
Scoring – Deciding Set 7
Cram Session – Practice rules exam  
Form A Rules Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
2019-20 Points of Emphasis for Recertifying Referees 15
2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations 10
Cram Session – Practice rules exam  
Form A Rules Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
Libero Control  16
Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set 25
Scoring – Deciding Set 7
Scoring Sanctions 18
Form C Scoring Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations 10
Scoring Special Situations 18
Form A Scoring Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations 10
Scoring Special Situations 18
Form A Scoring Exam  
2020 Officiating Overview  
2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations 10
Scoring Special Situations 18
Form A Scoring Exam  

Indoor Rules & Interpretations

The latest version of USA Volleyball's Indoor Domestic Competition Regulations(Rule Book) is available to read online or download in PDF format.


Rule Modifications effective only in Delta Region events– not at National events or Bid Qualifier:

  • Boys may play in girls divisions 10s, 11s & 12s; boys age 13 may play in girls 14s division; boys age 14 may play in girls 16s division- as long as they fall into the age requirement guidelines (either coed or boys).
  • 2-meter Step-in Serving rule for 12 & under will be used at all Delta Region events.
  • Player Uniform Waiver: The DCR says “the color and design for the jerseys and shorts must be uniform…” which indicates shorts over spandex would not be allowable. However, for play within the Delta Region, the Delta Region Commissioner can grant exceptions to players who, for religious or modesty reasons, wish  to  cover up.  Players that have been granted a Uniform Waiver have been instructed to carry the Delta Region authorization to all Delta Region events for verification. The shorts will need to be the same color as the team’s spandex. 
  • Age Group Waivers will be accepted: Many athletes would prefer to play with their classmates, even if they are slightly older and their birth date would require her to play with an older age group. If the coach wants to request an age-group waiver, the entire team will be unable to play in nationally-sanctioned events. Age waivers will be granted to junior players within the Delta Region, to play in the next lower age group only.  For example, a 16 year old junior player that is in the 9th grade and whose birthday is prior to Sept. 1 of the following year may apply for a waiver to play with her 9th grade classmates for the upcoming season.  These waivers will be valid only within the Delta Region and will not be valid at the national level. Other  regions  MAY choose to allow the participation of age waived players. Contact the individual Tournament Director to check on the eligibility of waived players within the region you will be playing.  If an outside region does not accept waived players then said player may not participate in sanctioned tournaments within that region unless the player plays with her age appropriate team as directed by the USAV Age Definitions. Age-waivered players may also not participate in the Delta Region Bid Qualifier, any National Qualifier or the Junior Olympic National Championships unless the player plays with her age-appropriate team.

Note: if a team plans to play in the Delta Bid Qualifier, National Qualifiers or the Junior National Championships, they MAY not want to utilize these changes in their team selection or tournament play, as these modifications will not be in force…so age-waivered players cannot play, etc. Other Regions may not accept these waivers; it is the decision of each region.



The certification reciprocity agreement establishes criteria for PAVO and USAV referees to acquire a rating in the other organization without having to undergo the entire prerequisite training and evaluation process. This agreement was developed to encourage referees to work at various levels of competition by streamlining the certification path, recognizing their prior qualifications from PAVO or USAV. The reciprocity is to be used for the initial achievement of a rating from the other organization. Click on this link for additional information.


USAV has added new approved uniform shirts  for volleyball officials. Now that these shirts are in production, it is a good time to clarify USA Volleyball’s policy regarding officials’ uniforms at USAV Championship events. The Delta Region is adopting these policies for their tournaments and sanctioned events.
Officials contracted to work at Delta Region events will be permitted to wear the new blue or gray officials’ volleyball polo shirts, along with the new white shirt and the older version white shirt we have been wearing. 

First and second referees do not have to match colors at region events.  Assigned scorers and line judges can either match the referees or be in the default white. Specific instructions for national events will be decided on and communicated by the Head Officials for those events.

It is NOT required that any official go out and buy any other color besides the white. White is ALWAYS the default. The patch will be worn no matter what color polo you are wearing. Although the newest shirts have an updated logo, white shirts displaying the old version of the logo are still acceptable FOR LOCAL DELTA REGION TOURNAMENTS ONLY. They are no longer acceptable at any USAV nationally sanctioned qualifiers or tournaments. Note that tournament directors and / or head referees may modify that date for Delta Region events at their discretion.

Guidelines regarding the proper uniform can be found on the Volleyball Referee training site Indoor Officiating Resources Page.

The new uniform shirts are available at

Other official uniform items can be ordered from the following approved providers:

If you have any questions about this policy please refer your questions to Officials Chair Keith Hutchison.


Delta Region Professional Officials serve as independent contractors when officiating at Delta Region-USAV sanctioned events. The term as an independent contractor lasts for one membership season (November 1-October 31 each year) and must be annually renewed by registering as a Delta Region- USA Volleyball member.

The Delta Region only hires Officials for the Delta Region Bid Qualifier held each year. Individual tournament directors hire officials for all other events.

The 2020 Delta Region Event Calendar above list tournaments scheduled within the region. By clicking on the "Tournament Website" column you will be directed to the tournament site for additional information. Officials should personally contact the tournament director to apply for work. For events held outside the Delta Region, go to to (AES)-an online site which host events throughout the US. You will find some Delta Region events also use this site. Instructions on how to maneuver  AES can be found below. 

If you have issues with the site follow the following steps:

1. When logged into AES, click on the blue “Need Help” tab found at the bottom of the screen. This will open an inline manual that includes support documentation to help customers tackle every day questions.

2. AES customers can reach out to support representatives to receive help by filling out the form found here: Support cases are monitored daily and a representative will contact the individual within 24-48 hours.

Before an individual may be hired to work an event, they must have a current membership, cleared a background screening, completed SafeSport training and be certified in the field they plan to work.

2019-2020 Delta Region Calendar of Events

Click on this link for the latest Delta Region Schedule of Events


At the October 2017 National USA Volleyball meetings a motion was passed to recommend to the Officials Division that they “Modify officials training at all levels to encourage referees to focus less on matters that do not provide a competitive advantage or safety factor for a player or team”. Training emphasis should be placed on facilitating the playing rules rather than minor rules infractions. This includes but is not limited to the following items: non-metallic items on wrist, spectators feet on the sport court, uniform number that is visible but is just off center, warming up in non-numbered shirts, bench personnel on playing surface, but not blocking a line judge view, etc. Rationale: Over officious referees concentrate on small details that have nothing to do with playing the game. So the game becomes miserable for players, coaches and spectators. If a minor infraction has nothing to do with how the game is being played, referees should be trained to overlook these items. Bring the fun and excitement back to the game.


An additional motion was passed at the meeting to give the final authority on jersey legality to the tournament director, qualifier director or USA Volleyball national events director. Rationale: Not all referees can agree on what is a legal jersey and what is not. Some referees make over reaching decisions because they fear repercussions of not following all rules to the letter. Tournament directors want the players to play, even if a jersey does not comply with the strict interpretation of a rule.


The latest version of USA Volleyball's Beach Domestic Competition Regulations(DCR) is available to read online or download in PDF format.

USA Volleyball Officials Applications

No matter if you are applying for your Junior National referee certification, you want to work as a scorer monitor at one of the JNC tournaments, or are looking for instructions to apply for your National scorer rating, you will find the information here!


Located on this site: Rating Sheet Instructions; First Referee Rating Criteria; First Referee Rating Sheet; Rating Site Critical Errors; Second Referee Rating Criteria; & Second Referee Rating Sheet, along with a Rating Sheet Example.

C.O.P.S REPORT: Used to file a compliment or complaint. May be completed by Coaches, Officials, Players, or Spectators

The purpose of this form is to allow individuals in the Delta Region to submit a COMPLIMENT or a COMPLAINT regarding Coaches, Players, or Spectators (COPS) at a Delta Region/USAV sanctioned event.


All adult members of the Delta Region are required to complete SafeSport training. In order to complete the training, an individual will need to complete all three of the 30-minute Core training modules.

  • Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
  • Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional and Physical Misconduct

Beginning 2019-2020 Season, MAAPP requires regular and consistent training for all Applicable Adults (including adult athletes) who interact with and have direct and frequent contact with minor athletes.

All Applicable Adults will be required to complete training annually. Such training consists of “CoreSafeSport training followed by the U.S. Center for SafeSport Refresher course. To prevent any disruption in sport, the Center also encourages athletes who are 17 turning 18 to take the Core SafeSport Training. Parental consent is required.

To review MAAPP online click on

The SafeSport coursework is now delivered through the USAV Academy.  Accessing the course through the USAV Academy is critical to tracking certification and expiration dates. Please access the course exclusively through the USAV Academy (not the USOC SafeSport website).   

Starting September 1, 2019, the below courses will be available in the USAV Clinics to register for the upcoming season.  The 2018/2019 Core Center for SafeSport training registration will close 8/31/2019. 

  • 2019-2020 Core Center for SafeSport Training
  • 2019-2020 Center for SafeSport Refresher 1 Training

U.S. Center for SafeSport "Core" Training: This is required training for adults who have regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors, and/or have regular contact with or authority over an amateur athlete who is a minor. The training must be completed before regular contact with an amateur athlete who is a minor begins; or within the first 45 days of initial membership, or upon beginning a new role subjecting the adult to the MAAPP. The “Core” training is required also prior to eligibility to take the Refresher 1. This training is available to USAV members for free

To register for SafeSport training:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your USAV account.
  • In the navigation menu, click on USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics.
  • Select “2019-2020 Core Center for SafeSport Training” 
  • Complete registration.
  • To access coursework, click on the "Log into USAV Academy" button.

30-Minute Refresher: This is conducted annually following "Core" Center for SafeSport Training. This training is 30 minutes and is a review of the information shared in the Core Center for SafeSport Training.  This training is available to USAV members for free. 

Who is required to take the Refresher 1? Any member who has taken the Core Center for SafeSport training with an expiration of 10/31/2019.  You must have completed the Core Training to be eligible for the refresher 1 training.

If you have already completed the Core training and it is due to expire on 10/31/2019 you will need to register for the Refresher 1 course.   

  • Go to 
  • Log in to your USAV account
  • In the navigation menu, click USAV Clinics and select USAV Coaching Clinics
  • Select “2019-2020 Center for SafeSport Refresher 1 Training”
  • Complete registration
  • To access coursework, click on the “Log into USAV Academy” button 

Should you need to return to your coursework at a later time, log in to your USAV account and click on the "Log into USAV Academy" button. For technical issues, while completing the course, please visit:

Athletes turning 18 during the season, whose teammates are minors, will be required to take "Core" Center for SafeSport training upon turning 18. To prevent any disruption in play, the center will allow athletes who are 17, turning 18 during the season to take "Core" given parental consent. Once a player turns 18, he or she will not be permitted to continue play until "Core" SafeSport training has been completed. Complete the parental consent form before registering for training if you have a minor athlete who needs to take the training. Once the form is completed, your child will be enrolled in SafeSport training. A notification of registration will be sent to the email address on file to access the course. 
*Completed Parental Consent forms will be saved under a region file 

Youth Training Courses: The U.S. Center for SafeSport has launched youth courses. This training is not mandatory and will be offered through the Center's website It
requires parental consent. The parent/legal guardian creates the account to provide consent for  the child and to decide which course is best for their child. Courses are for preschool age; grades K-2; grades 3-5; middle school and high school. These free courses are for minor athletes and their parents to understand the importance of positive, welcoming environments in sports, where misconduct like bullying or abuse is less likely to happen, and to know where to report abuse, should it happen. 


Please note that there are a number of options and requirements to report abuse. Report to law enforcement immediately if you are aware of abuse. If abuse includes sexual misconduct report to both law enforcement and the U.S. Center for SafeSport. Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly making a false or malicious report will not be tolerated and may be a violation of USA Volleyball’s Code of Conduct. USA Volleyball strictly prohibits staff/regions/clubs from charging filing fees for SafeSport reports.


Congrats to Vance Pitman and Michael Saxby for receiving their Junior National Referee certification at the Boy's Junior National Championships in Dallas, Texas.

Vance and Michael join a very select group of National and Junior National Referees from the Delta Region like National Referees Keith Hutchison, Rachael Stringer, Rob Shewmaker, Tracey Harrison, Phylis Anyango and Junior National Referees David Henry, Leigh Ann Roberts and Michael Sanderson.

Who would have thought just a few short years ago that the Delta Region would have this many national officials! Thanks to each of you for your dedication to our sport and to be willing to take your training to the next level.


At the National Referee Clinic held on Saturday January 5th in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the Delta Region was proud to present Bettye Francis with the Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award for the 2018 volleyball season. The award is presented to individuals who show outstanding participation, motivation and other services in the promotion of volleyball. Beginning her 14th year as an Official in the Delta Region, Betty resides in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Congrats Bettye~For a Well Deserved Honor!


Congrats to Shereen Bailey of Jackson, Mississippi for receiving her USA Volleyball National Scorer certification. Shereen received the certification while recently working at the 2018-19 USAV Boys Junior National Championships in Dallas, Texas. Shereen joins a very small but special couple from the Delta Region for receiving such an accomplishment; Rob Shewmaker (who is now an International Scorer) and Rachel Stringer (National Scorer and the Delta Region Scorer Chair).

Haleigh Lewis Becomes National Scorer

Congrats to Haleigh Lewis for recently receiving her USA Volleyball National Scorer certification! Way to go Haleigh! Haleigh is a new member of the Delta Region transferring from the Gulf Shore Region in 2018. What a way to impress your new region!