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Photo of the 2019 Delta Region High Performance Camp Participants



Want Pics from 2019 Delta HP Camp? Click on this link and download for FREE! Thanks to AJ Bonanno for taking the photos!


First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Karlie Biggs   Madeline Bateman   Amelia Allgood
Megan Bohannan   Keeley Beary   Phoenix Bailey
Bella Bonanno   Laci Bohannan   Zoie Benton
Chase Burdette   Eden Boles   Greta Blakemore
Laila Creighton   Mary Branning   Kaitlyn Carr
McLaine Dorr   Alexis Brown   Josie Chapple
Elaina Farm   kallie Burden   Emma Gardner
Emily Farm   Sarah Carnathan   Marissa Gilmore
Ellie Ferguson   Kyla Clubb   Josey Goldberg
Wesleigh Ferguson   Katherine Cooper   Kyler Greenlee
Hayden Gartman   Jennifer Delamater   Abigail Harris
Kasey Goldberg   Kendall DePriest   Alyssa Hernandez
Graci Harris   Haley Fairchild   Hannah Hogue
Madeline House   Madison Fairley   Vivian Hunt
Hope Huckabee   Tione Freeman   Aleigha Johnson
Isabella Lagemann   Kenzie Garrett   Caylan Koons
Anna Lamkin   Macie Grams   Ashley Lamkin
Lauren Latham   Trinity Hamilton   Avery Lanning
Ava Lowery   Regan Harp   Jada Lawson
Ellis McDaniel   Olivia Harris   Larkin Luke
Haley McGinley   Madison Holloway   Gracie McGee
Reese McIntosh   Henley Hooks   Michayla Mears
Sophia Neihouse   Cameron Humphries   Sarah Owens
Riley Owens   Harper Johnson   Lizbeth Puente
Alyssa Pardy   Logan Jones   Lillian Ruston
Lucas Phelan   Sydney Klein   lily Sharp
Lydia Pitts   Madeline Lafata   Trinity Sharp
Reese Regner   Abigail Lagemann   Natalie Supine
Kayleigh Ryan   Mary Lindsey   Gracie Tacker
Ella Seeger   Aniya Madkin   Erin Thompson
Reagan Swan   Abigail Manley   Emerson Traweek
Blakely Swope   HALLIE MARTIN   Hannah Watkins
Hassie Clare Thurman   Myia McCoy   Catalina Williams
Quinn Thurman   Mollie McCoy   Layla Wilson
      Olivia Melton      
      Olivia Miles      
      Avery Pace      
      Alexis Pendleton      
      Kennedy Phelan      
      Annaston Pitts      
      Chloe Reed      
      Celestina Retumban      
      Kaley Rikard      
      Emma Robertson      
      Brooke Rockwell      
      Ashley Ruff      
      Quincy Schaffer      
      Sophie Skinner      
      Kennedy Smith      
      Rachel Stamey      
      Ella Tagupa      
      Romani Thurman      
      Laura Tinsley      
      Olivia Wainright      
      Ella Weilert      
      Olivia Wiedower      
      Kennedi Wyrick      
      Annie Xu      


A letter from HP Director Coach Justin Dee

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Commissioner and Registrar of the Region, Joe and Joanie Williams.  If you understood the time and financial commitment that goes into the High Performance Program, you would be amazed.  They take money out of their budget to allow the opportunities that your child has to be a part of this program.  This program operates at a big loss, but Joe and Joanie continue to invest in preparing our region.  Thanks Joe and Joanie for investing in the volleyball players in our region.

Next, I would like to thank the college coaches, club coaches, and college players for helping in evaluating and running these tryouts.  It takes a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to make these things come together.  I appreciate their willingness to give up a Friday night and sometimes drive 3+ hours one-way to come and add value to your athlete.  Thank you helpers.

Next, I would like to thank the club directors at Desoto Legacy, Arkansas Juniors Storm, Level Elite Sports, Little Rock Juniors, Ozark Juniors, Infinity Volleyball Academy, and Fort Smith Juniors for allowing us to use their facilities for tryouts.  From my understanding, they did not charge the region anything for use of their facilities for the tryouts.  Thank you club directors.

Next I would like to thank you parents for allowing me to be a part of your athlete’s journey.  Many people tell me that the two most important things in anyone’s life is their children and their money.  You entrusted us with both for 2 hours and I appreciate it.  Thank you parents.

Lastly, I want to thank the 438 athletes that registered for tryouts this year.  We had 117 in Future Select, 207 in Select, and 114 in Youth.  They gave wonderful effort and were a lot of fun to work with.  I appreciate their love for the game.  I appreciate the willingness to give up a Friday night and work their tail off, some of them, the night before a big tournament.  Thank you athletes.

Here it comes.  I have driven 3,166 miles and spent 35 hours in conducting tryouts this Spring.  I have had a great time and wish we could take all 438 athletes.  We have narrowed down our search thanks to the wonderful help of our College and elite level evaluators.  We have narrowed that list to about 30 per division.  If your name is not on the list, please do not stop working.  We make mistakes and maybe you had a bad night when you were trying out.  There will be some players on a “2” team that might have made it over a player on the “1” team.  We did not take anything into consideration but how you performed in the 90 minutes we were able to watch you.  These names that we have on our list are the best players in the Region based on watching 90 minutes of a tryout.  If you did not make it this year, I truly appreciate you trying out.  I hope you use it as motivation for next Spring. 

If you did make the list, I will let Joanie handle the specifics of finances and acceptance.  I want to let you know that you will be stretched farther than you have ever been stretched.  You will be competing with and against 30 of the most amazing players you have ever played with.  You will be coached hard by the top college coaches in our region and across the nation.  This is the opportunity that you have worked and waited for, but don’t take it lightly.  Prepare now for a long weekend of non-stop volleyball.  Come prepared to learn and work.  I am so excited to be a part of your journey and I cannot wait to see you all in June!

God Bless and thank you!


Due to lack of hotel space in Batesville, Arkansas this year, we are moving the HP Camp to the River Center in Benton, Arkansas. We will look at going back to Batesville again as they begin the process of building additional hotels. Batesville was very kind to our program last year and we thank them!

We are fortunate that we have a 'back-up' facility like the River Center. The River Center is fairly new and is a beautiful facility. We held a few age groups in the center during the Delta Championships this year--in which all parents were pretty impressed with the facility. The really great thing about the River Center is that they have 8 volleyball courts instead of the 6 we thought we had in Batesville. What does this mean to our HP Camp? We now can add several more deserving players to the camp.  Tonight I sent out an additional 34 invites to the camp. Wow! This is going to be awesome! As you can see below, most of the additional invites went to athletes in the Select Division. This group was the largest group of tryout participants we had this year--which was no surprise since that is where a lot of the region's growth has been. 

Don't forget to check your email on Monday, May 13 in case we have some invitees that decide not to come (??) as we will be sending out invites to others to take their spots. So, there is still a chance for others to be invited.


IF YOU ARE ATTENDING HP CAMP~ Record Your Sizes into Your Member Account

If you are attedning the 2019 Delta Region HP Camp, please login to your Member Account and make sure the size you have listed is the size t-shirt you want for camp.

Your personal USAV Member Account will allow you to record your sizes within your Member Profile section. This information is important for not only your club directors, but also for the High Performance Director to capture your size(s). To record your size into your Member Account follow these easy instructions:

  • Login to your Member Account
  • Put in your Username & Password
  • From the main page of your personal account, click on Member Profile.
  • Then click on Apparel Sizes
  • For HP, put in your adult shirt size
  • Click on 'Edit Contact Info'

That's it! While you are in this section, you might also want to put in your short size, shoe size, under "Athlete Information" put in your grade in school, your GPA, test scores, height, jump, etc. It's nice for your club director to have this information when a recruiter comes calling--and HP Coaches!


The Delta Region High Performance Program is designed for players who have been identified as having the potential to travel up the USA Volleyball Athlete Pipeline as their careers progress. The program is a regional branch of USA Volleyball’s National HP Program.

Each year around 80 of the top athletes from the Delta Region are brought together for a two-day training camp that includes sustained athlete training that is consistent with USAV National criteria and standards. The Delta Region HP Camp is operated to provide junior athletes with high-level training and skill development with some of the top coaches in the region and country.

Throughout the season, athletes are given an opportunity to try-out for one of the 80+ spots offered for the invitation-only camp. Only those that receive invitations through the tryout process may attend the camp. The region strives to keep the number of athletes on a court to a minimum. The number chosen per age group will be determined by the quality and quantity of the athletes trying out. Until the tryout process is completed we are not sure of the exact number for each age group. Last year’s camp included 90 athletes plus 33 college and elite-level coaches working the camp. That’s a pretty good ratio; player versus coach!

The 2019 Delta HP Camp will be held in Batesville, Arkansas on Saturday June 1- Sunday June 2. This date is a week later than we usually have the camp due to the quiet period for D1 college coaches. Registration fee to attend the camp, if selected, is $235 and must be paid at time of acceptance. A registration link for the camp will be provided at time of selection in May. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

The HP age cut-off is different than that of club dates. The Delta Region HP Program includes players in three age groups that are based on the birth year of the athlete. Those eligible to try out for the Delta HP Camp are participants born in 2002 or 2003-Youth Division (with an exception-all sophomores, regardless of birth year may try out); born in 2004, 2005-Select Division; and born in 2006, 2007 or later-Future Select Division.  These age groups are determined by an athlete’s year of birth using mandatory international criteria. Athletes may only try out and play in their own age group—there is no “playing up.” Through much discussion, it has been decided to only offer the camp to athletes through the 10th grade in school.  It was determined that the older athletes (juniors & seniors) have many more opportunities for training. Focusing on our younger athletes will not only strengthen their personal skill level, but will also increase the level of play within the Delta Region for years to come. Please note: Boys are allowed to try out for the Future Select Division only. Future Select participants will be expected to tryout using a regular ball (not a volley-lite), the net will be higher than they play on during the regular season-7’4 1/8”. Plus, they will not be able to step-in to serve---as according to the National HP standards.

CAMP SELECTION WILL BE ANNOUNCED THE FIRST WEEK OF MAY ON THE DELTA REGION WEBSITE. Those chosen will have one week to register for the camp; after the deadline invites will go out to alternates.


As the Delta Region High Performance Program enters its 15th year, a new HP Director has been announced.  "I am pleased to announce that Justin Dee, head coach for Belhaven University in Jackson, MS, has been selected as the Delta Region High Performance Director for 2019," states Joe Williams, Delta Region Commissioner. "Coach Dee has been an integral  part of the success of the Delta Region HP program since its beginning in 2004. His knowledge and expertise will bring a new level of excitement for the program."



In an effort to limit the amount of travel players have had to do in the past to tryout for the Delta Region HP Camp, this year's HP Director, Justin Dee, is approaching tryouts a little differently.

Below is a letter from Coach Dee to Club Directors dated 2-2-2019. If you have interest in hosting a HP tryout in your area get in touch with Coach Dee directly at

Hello Club Directors:

My name is Justin Dee and I am the High Performance Director for the Delta Region.  The High Performance program within the Delta Region acknowledges the best of the best in our region.  Last May we had over 384 athletes try out and 90 athletes make the camp from 24 Delta Region clubs.  The camp brought the best players from our region together to train with some of the best coaches in the nation.  We had 33 college and elite club coaches coaching in Batesville for 90 athletes. That is less than a 3 to 1 ratio!  We are trying to grow the game together.  Coaches range from top NCAA Division 1 head coaches from our region and outside our region alongside some elite level Delta Region Club coaches.  We also had some coaches from USA Volleyball.  

More information about our camp can be found at:

We have set up tryouts at two locations for this season.  Those are at Little Rock on March 15 before Volley in the Rock and April 26 before the bid qualifier in Fort Smith.  I am wanting to make sure that all clubs and areas have an opportunity to be a part of our High Performance tryouts.  This is where you come in.

I am looking to add a couple of tryouts for the parts of the region not able to make those two tryouts.  If your club would like to host a tryout, I am willing to come to your location or a local location to make sure that your players are seen.  We want to make sure that all players that are qualified for the camp this season have the opportunity to tryout within a reasonable distance from their club location.  If you would be interested in having an HP tryout at your club or in your area, we would be interested in coming to administer one.  Tryout fees are $25 per athlete.  We would need a minimum of 50 athletes to administer a tryout.  We would bring in some college and elite level coaches to evaluate.  I would run the entire tryout myself.  I would need about 2-3 helpers to pop balls in and maybe serve some balls per court (about 10-12 players per court).  If you also have someone who can help with registration within your club, that would help out tremendously.  Our goal is to make the camp available to those athletes that belong there.  So we are bringing the tryouts to you.  If you think you would like for me to come up to your facility and you have 50 total (across all 3 age groups), please let me know some open dates for me to travel to you.  If you do not have 50 athletes within your club, think about connecting with another local club and we could combine the two clubs. 

Age Restrictions for USA High Performance:

Future Select: Born after January 1, 2006

Select: Born in 2004 or 2005

Youth: Born in 2002 or 2003

If you have any questions, please let me know that as well.

I Serve Christ!

Justin Dee