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AES Instructions




1. Sign in to AES and your club page.

2. Choose the red Add SportsEngine Integration button at the top left of the Club page.

3. Confirm that you would like to integrate your AES Club with the SE Organization below by clicking Save.

4. If you do not see your organization choose Contact Sales below. NOTE: you must be assigned as an Organization Administrator to integrate your organization.

GOVERNING SEASON TEAM INTEGRATION To enable Governing Season Team Integration:

1. After signing into AES, navigate to right-hand side of the page and choose Add Governing Season Integration.

2. A pop-up will appear and display your selected organization’s current active Governing Season name(s).

3. Select the desired Governing Season, and choose Save.

PAIR YOUR AES & GOVERNING SEASON TEAMS You can pair AES teams with their Governing Season Team Roster individually or in bulk. NOTE: Each Governing Season Team may only be paired with one AES Team.

Option 1: Individual Team Pair

1. Click on the Teams page in the left-hand navigation, then select the desired “team name”.

2. Choose Add Governing Season Integration.

3. A popup will appear displaying a list of teams within the Governing Season you selected for your club. Select your team and click Save.

4. Once the Success message has appeared, choose Save.

5. If an Error message appears the team has already been paired.

6. Make any necessary updates, and choose Save.

Option 2: Bulk Team Pair

1. Choose the Teams page in the left-hand navigation, you will see your existing AES teams with a new column titled “USAV Team Name”.

2. Select the desired “team name” within the USAV Team Name dropdown.

3. Repeat these steps for as many teams you would like to pair simultaneously.

4. Click Update in the lower left-hand side of the screen.

5. Once the Success message has appeared, choose Save.

6. If an Error message appears the team has already been paired.

VIEW/EDIT YOUR USAV OFFICIAL ROSTERS When member records are imported from SE they will either be matched to an existing record if one exists, or a new record will be created if no match is found.

1. Click on USAV Official Roster within the team details to view your roster. At this time, you may select a roster assignment for any imported staff members.

2. Add Additional Player Fields, and choose Update to save added information.

• Members MUST have Date of Birth and Gender saved in SportsEngine to be imported and added to their USAV Default Roster in AES. A notification will be sent to AES if players are missing required info.

• USAV Official Roster assignments may only be changed in SportsEngine. If you edit a roster member within the governing season in SE, they will be updated in the USAV Official Roster in AES.