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Moved? Switching Clubs?

Moved to the Delta Region from another Region?  

Welcome!  Before you renew your membership, we will need to move your membership to the Delta Region.  Send an e-mail to with the player name, date of birth and your former Region.  If you have already renewed your membership in your former Region, you’ll need to contact your old Region to request a refund of your fees.  Contact the Region office if you don’t know how to get in touch with them.


Did you change junior volleyball clubs?  We can move you to your new club.  Just email with the player name, date of birth and your old club and your new club. 

As a reminder, you cannot change clubs after December 1.  After this date, you’ll have to finish your season with them. 

However, many players signed up for Club A when they renewed their membership, but went through tryouts with three clubs and have now decided to play with Club C.  We can move you to the new club. 

This does not change any financial commitments or contracts you may have signed with your club, so make sure you’ve dealt with that. 

The Delta Region office does not get involved in the financial affairs between parent and their club.