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The Delta Region is a proud member of USA Volleyball

The Delta Region is a proud member of USA Volleyball, the National Governing Body for the sport of volleyball.

Where Can My Athlete Play College Volleyball?


Take a look at this map from the American Volleyball Coaches Association on the colleges & universities that offer intercollegiate volleyball in & near the Delta Region.

2021-22 Memberships (New & Renewals)

2021-22 Memberships are Now Available!

If you were a member in 2020-21, login to your SportsEngine account to purchase a new membership for $52.  It will ask you "Who is the membership for?" so just click on the name of the player (or coach.)

If you are new to USA Volleyball, CLICK HERE to setup a new SportsEngine account and purchase your membership.

TRYOUT memberships are only $10 and valid until 12/31/21.  ($10 will be applied toward the $52 full membership price.) This provides sport accident insurance during the tryout.  However, you cannot be placed on a team roster until you buy a full membership.  HINT:  If you are fairly positive you will be placed on a team, buy the full membership and avoid the extra step later.  If you don't make a team, you can request a refund (minus the $10 tryout membership) no later than November 15.

How do I upgrade my membership to a season membership now that I made a team?
A:  When you receive an offer from a club, you will receive a Sports Engine-generated email inviting you (or your child) to join this organization. You should accept the invitation, at which time the system will prompt you to compete your membership upgrade to a full season junior membership,

Odd thing for 17 year old players: Any junior players who are turning 18 years old by 8/31/2022 will be treated as an 18s player membership and required to complete SafeSport training to become eligible.  This will keep them from suddenly being ineligible in the middle of the season.  If still a high school junior, she will be able to play 17s. 

Adults:  Avoid delays!  Purchase your 2021-22 membership now & complete your background screening and annual SafeSport training (yes,'s important)  plus new membership waivers.

PROFESSIONAL OFFICIALS (for pay):  Use this link to go straight to the membership registration for officials.

2021-22 COVID POLICY:  No membership refunds will be given if a player or team decides not to play due to COVID restrictions.  We need to stay financially solid for future seasons.

21-22 Tournament Schedule is now posted!

<Click Here> Check back often for more  events as they are added.



WHERE CAN I PLAY? (junior club list)


If you do not already have a SportsEngine Account, first you will need to create an account before you can purchase a membership. 

To create your own SportsEngine Account follow the Step by Step instructions (CLICK HERE)

IMPORTANT NOTE: A family will only have one SportsEngine account. A parent/guardian must create the account as the primary account holder must be 18+ to sign waivers and purchase memberships.

Do You already have a SportsEngine Account?

If you already have a SportsEngine Account, CLICK HERE to sign in your account to purchase your 2021-2022 Memberships.

Delta Region Receives Third Bid at GJNC 12s; 14s-18s

Thanks to the continued growth of the Delta Region and the expansion of the Girls Junior National Championship, we will be awarding THREE bids to the GJNC in Indianapolis in 2022 in 14s-17s:  National, American & Freedom.  We have two bids in 13s: National and American.  We will award 3 bids in 12s (1 National, 2 American)  One bid will be awarded in 11s (there is only one 11s division.)  Girls 18s GJNC is in Phoenix April 22-24 and we will award one National and one American bid.

The Division order of strength will be as follows:

  • Open (13-18s) – Qualifiers only
  • National (11-18s) – Regions only (11s & 12s will have 1 bid at Qualifiers)
  • USA (12-18s) – Qualifiers only
  • Liberty (13-18s) – Qualifiers only
  • American (12-18s) – Qualifiers & Regions
  • Freedom (14-18s) – Regions only
  • Patriot (13-18s) – non qualifying

USAV Academy is Open!

Players & Coaches who completed certification in 2020-21 received a 2-year certificate, so will not need to re-certify this season. Professional officials will take annual USAV Academy courses.  

Line Judge Certification is no longer required.  Members may view the curriculum material but no certification will be awarded.  

 Coursework will be assigned as members register for the 21-22 season.  

Need to take the ref & scorer courses to be certified to help your team officiate and score at tournaments?  Click HERE to get started in USAV Academy


Need to help your team officiate & score for tournaments? Here is how you get started.


When a volleyball club invites members to join and play for their Club, members will receive two emails.

The first is an invitation to join a Club's directory, and the second is an official USA Volleyball club association assignment request. For additional information on how to accept a club invite CLICK HERE.

USAV Membership-Path to the Podium

How's Joanie Doing?

 Janaury 20 update (click here)

Thanks to all of you who continue to express their concerns and offer prayers about Joanie's continuing battle with brain cancer (glioblastoma) since July, 2020.  After two brain surgeries, she continues to take oral chemo for 5 days monthly and some infusion to help slow recurrence of the tumors.  Fatigue remains a constant enemy, but we know this will pass.

We have resolved to trust our faith and not worry about tomorrow.  We are enjoying some great days together and appreciate them more than ever.  God is in control. 

As a result, you don't get the pleasure of dealing with Joanie on your Delta Region matters...and are stuck with me.  I'll do my best to follow in her great footsteps of serving the members of our Region.  Updates will be posted here during the season.

If Joanie and I can pray for you, drop me an email at the Region office.


Fraudulent E-mails

If you receive an email like this, please ignore & delete it (from me, your Aunt Edna or anybody else)

Do you have a moment, I have a request I need you to handle discreetly. I am going to a meeting, no calls so just reply to my email. i will be glad if you reply to this email as soon as it gets to you

A scam bot picked up on any email addresses listed on the Delta Region website, which unfortunately included most tournament & club directors and is sending these fraudulent emails.  We are trying to block more of them with more technology.  As always, be sure to look at the reply email address and pay attention to the poor grammar in the email.  

Forming a New Delta Region Junior Volleyball Club?

Please complete the New Club Application Form to give us the information needed to setup your club in the USA Volleyball membership system.  *Note:  the word "Delta" cannot appear in the title

Existing clubs:  No new application is needed for 2021-22.  If you have changed club director or address, please login & make those changes to your club profile.


CLICK here to prepare & submit tournament APPLICATION: 


  • An Event Application must be presented thru the Delta Region online process.  Applications will be reviewed based on tournament scheduling guidelines.
  • The application must include all event information included.
  • Payment of sanctioned fee: $25 per court (maximum of $150 fees for event.
  • Before the event is approved the Event Director must be a regular member,  including SafeSport training and background approval. 

Double Strike!

A golden moment in U.S. Olympic History: two gold medals for our women’s national teams!

Get the special edition T-shirts today!



The Delta Region Volleyball Association is one of the 40 Regional Governing Bodies in the United States for Volleyball. We work with USA Volleyball in implementing volleyball programming in our geographic area, which includes the states of Arkansas, northern Mississippi (above Hwy 84) and the part of Tennessee west of the Tennessee River.

The Delta Region operates as a non-profit and non-government supported organization and is organized and governed by an elected volunteer board of directors.

Our mission is to promote, develop and expand volleyball opportunities for individuals within the region. Our goal is to provide support and resources for players, coaches, officials and club leadership to improve skills and enhance the enjoyment of the game within a safe, positive environment.

SportsEngine Training

Click Here to learn the new SportsEngine Member Management System


USAV Academy is now OPEN!


Click Here for Information


Click Here for More Information


Click Here for More Information


Click Here for More Information


    Delta Region fans have a new way to purchase clothing and accessories to show off their Delta Region/USAV pride with the launch of the new Delta Region Volleyball Online Store.

    Delta Region Volleyball Online Store is a one-stop shop for clothing, shirts, shorts, tanks and even FACE MASKS. 

    You have a choice of Delta Region/USA Volleyball logos and our famous ‘i like volleyball people' logo on all merchandise.

    We also have a good selection of uniform tops, spandex and shorts that can have your club logo and players numbers added.

    A partnership with Squad Locker, the new online store allows fans, officials, players, and families to purchase with ease, with no minimum order requirements. Orders are completed and shipped quickly and there is also live Customer Service, 7 days a week through the CHAT button for any questions.

    Just CLICK HERE to check out the new store!

    USA Volleyball Shop

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    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Delta Region Volleyball

    Phone: 870-933-8110

    Joe  Williams

    Joe Williams

    Delta Region Commissioner

    Phone: 870-933-8110

    Joanie Williams

    Joanie Williams

    Delta Region Office Manager/Registrar/Region Services

    Phone: 870-933-8110

    Keith  Hutchison

    Keith Hutchison

    Referee Chair

    Phone: 731-394-3861