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By Joe Williams, 08/31/21, 5:00AM CDT


Delta Region Age Waivers are back!!!


Link to USA Volleyball age definition

General Rule:  Age Group is based on the player's age as of 7/1/2023.

Big News:  Age Group Waivers are Back!  For play in the Delta Region only--players can play with their grade in school.  This is an option for each club and the club director may choose to not use age group waivers, since teams with waived players cannot play in National events, such as National Qualifiers.  It's possible that waived players would not be selected for a club's #1 teams that compete nationally.

  • 18s: seniors 
  • 17s: juniors (*national waiver available)
  • 16s: sophomores
  • 15s: freshmen
  • 14s: 8th graders
  • 13s: 7th graders
  • 12s:  6th graders
  • 11s:  5th graders
  • 10s: 4th graders


*A national waiver allows girls 18’s in their junior year of high school to compete on girls 17’s teams. 

Special Boys Waivers (only for boys' teams)

14’s boys in the 7th grade can play at the BJNC on a 13’s team and for 13’s boys in the 6th grade to play at the BJNC on a 12’s team.