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Junior Club Officiating Information

how to take online Junior officiating/scoring courses

How to Access the USAV Academy to take online courses:

  1. Log in to My SportsEngine
  2. Click Household, and choose the desired profile. 
  3. Locate the USAV membership, click View Details.
  4. In the top right-hand corner click the USAV Academy button to access the USA Volleyball Learning Center.


If you do not have the correct courses already assigned in your USAV Academy dashboard, select these courses from the "Content" tab.

What courses should a Junior Player take?

  • DE21_102 Junior Scorer Training
  • DE21_101 Junior Referee Training - 14 & Under OR DE21_103 Junior Referee Training - 15 & Over (depending on your age group)

That's IT!  No Libero tracker or Line Judge certifications.  We have greatly shortened the officials' training because of the amount of virtual learning already required for your daily schooling this year.

What courses should a Junior Coach or Parent Referee take?

DE21_150 Referee Training for Junior Coaches & Parents

DE21_301 Scorer Training for Junior Coaches & Parents


I Received an Error Message When Accessing USAV Academy - Help!

Sometimes users receive the following error message when accessing USAV Academy.

To resolve this error, you must contact USAV Academy by clicking HERE. Alternatively, you may submit a ticket to USAV Academy from the USAV Academy Help Button.

To submit a ticket:

  1. Log in to My SportsEngine
  2. Click Household, and choose the desired profile. 
  3. Locate the USAV membership, click View Details.
  4. Click Academy Help to submit a ticket to the USAV Academy Help page.


All teams are only required to have four certified officials on their team rosters. These certifications are: one adult R1; one R2; one Score keeper; one Libero tracker. The Delta Region does not require that everyone on the team have a certification, as long as these six positions are filled. Some clubs may require all players to take everything---sorry---if so, expect to be on the computer for about 2.4 hours to complete all courses. Certifications are posted immediately to the team roster.  An individual certification will be listed on the team roster as a Badge: 1-means they are certified to R1; 2-means they are certified to R2; S-certified to keep score ;  and L-certified to be a Libero tracker.

A "P"  listed on the team roster means that individual is not certified-they are still in-progress. If a team member has a "P" on the team roster, that individual needs to log back into the Academy to see which Module was missed.


Club Directors should encourage all coaches of their junior teams to view the online officiating clinics and to become certified as an R1 referee and a scorer. The additional information gained from these clinics should make for more informed coaches---plus, will make them better trainers of their team officials.


You should be able to tell when you have completed your certification while reviewing your USAV Academy main page.

Just click on the My Certificates icon to the left of the Learning Activities column for your completed 2019 certificates. 

Please note: If you have signed up for several clinics (for example if you signed up for clinics R2,scoring, and line judge) your certification will not post until you have completed all three clinics. It's best to sign up for one clinic at a time. Then your certification will post immediately when you finish.

To double-check your certification, log back into your member account in Webpoint. If you have completed the courses required for each clinic/certification, your certification will be posted to your member record and your membership card. 

If it is not immediately posted you have not completed all the courses required for certification! 

To check to see what you still need, click back on the USAV Academy button and look at your courses still listed in the Learning Activities column. If you see a course with a Green GO Button--you must take that course.

The USAV Academy is now open!!



The 2020-21 clinics for Juniors and Adults are now available!
The courses and training modules are a member benefit, and are only be available to USAV registered members.  We now have a new Learning Academy platform that will provide access to the online training materials and track the completed certifications for each member. This is a streamlined and simplified process that will eliminate the need to register in one system and take the courses in another.

NEW FOR 2020-21! All Junior players will automatically be enrolled in the complete set of officiating team courses.  These courses are optional, but if your coach wants you to be an R2 or scorer, you are already enrolled and the courses appear on the player's dashboard.  Line Judge certification is no longer required.

NEW FOR 2020-21!  All Adult Coaches & Parent-Officials will automatically be enrolled in the courses they need to officiate for their teams.  These courses will NOT allow you to officiate for pay.  If you wish to also become a Professional Referee, please contact the Region office at

Professional Officials: Ignore the Junior coursework assigned to you.  Click on Content Library and choose the correct coursework for you:  Professional Provisional Official 1st year; Professional Provisional Official Year 2+, Professional Regional Referee-Advancement Training, Professional Regional Referee-Recertifying.  Email the Region office with questions.

To access the courses, follow the instructions below.

To login to your USAV Academy Account:

  • Follow this link and login to your SportsEngine account
  • Click on Household, then select the correct person
  • Click on the “View Details” on the USA Volleyball membership card , then click the USAV Academy button