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Junior Club Officiating Information

Do you consider yourself one of the best Junior Officials in the Delta region?

Do you actually look forward to your team’s work assignment at a tournament? Do you consider yourself one of the best second referee, scorer or line judges around? Maybe you would like to work as a paid referee when you are old enough. These are the athletes that the Delta Region wants to encourage and recognize.

Just like outstanding volleyball players are recognized through the High Performance programs, we want deserving Junior Officials in the Delta Region to receive their own recognition. Through the Delta Region Rising Star Official’s Program, junior players who excel as a Referee, Scorer or Line Judge will be awarded the highest honor for a junior official; Rising Star Official.

Chosen by just a few key officials in the Delta Region, players who receive the honor will be awarded a lanyard and badge court-side immediately following a match. Only individuals who display strong knowledge of the rules of the game and demonstrate good officiating techniques will be consider for such an honor.

The future of the Official’s Division lies with our Junior Athletes. How would the Olympics be played without officials? What about all those college and high school matches? Good Officials are needed for our sport to continue to grow and prosper. Question: Where will these Officials come from? They will come from the athletes that are playing the game today.

The goal of the Delta Region Rising Star Program is to encourage athletes that play the game today to want to become the Officials of tomorrow!


Each team in the Delta Region is required to have at least two certified referees, one certified scorekeeper, one certified Libero tracker and two trained Line Judges listed on the team roster. Different levels of officiating certification are available through the Delta Region. Please review each certification requirement outlined below.

With the increasing expectation of quality officials for volleyball matches, it is the policy of the Delta Region that certified coaches or certified chaperones of Junior Teams accept the role of primary referee (R1) for their team, when a paid official is not working the set.  Junior Officials may serve as a secondary referee (R2).  We believe that this is the best direction for us to take for the protection of the younger players and the integrity of the game. We expect all Junior Programs to embrace this concept and participate fully as a club.

It is recommended that early in the season that the team coach focus most of their training on just a few individuals per team to get the team ready for early officiating assignments. The team coach should decide who best fits with each officiating responsibility. All players should be encouraged to take the online officiating clinics and quizzes to increase their knowledge of the game. But, when it comes to hands on training you may want to start out with only a select few. As long as each member performing a duty as part of the officiating crew has been trained and certified in that position's duties, region requirements have been met.


To be in compliance with Delta Region Junior Official’s Policy, Club Directors should complete the following: 
 Get the Officials Certification Process out to your club members in a timely manner. 
 ENSURE ALL officials have completed online clinics & exams.
 Oversee the training of all officials, prior to the beginning of the sanctioned season. 
 Keep a current list of Junior Members, Coaches and Adults that are certified as R1, Junior R2, Scorers, Line  Judges and Libero trackers (available through Webpoint).
 Instruct all Head Coaches to carry copies of the team roster & team membership cards to all  Delta Region tournaments and present either or both to R1 when requested.
 Ensure that a certified, rostered adult is working as an official in some capacity during the teams officiating  work assignment. Example: as an R1, R2, scorer or assistant scorer. This person may or may not be a coach, but must be a registered USAV member, must be on the team roster, and must have completed the required training for the work team responsibility they are performing.  It is Delta Region policy that the adult at the score table MUST be performing one of the work duties (see exception below). Duties do NOT include texting, carrying on a phone conversation, or otherwise providing additional distractions at the table. 

What Clinics Should I Take?

Listed below are the Officiating Clinics offered in the Delta Region for members of Junior Clubs. Please note only Club Adults are expected to take the First Referee Clinic. Expected completion time is listed for each module. All members of Junior Clubs are eligible to take the clinics, which include: Junior players, managers, coaches and chaperones who could serve as part of the officiating team at a USA Volleyball sanctioned Junior Tournament. Each person participating on the Officiating Team must have taken the course and be certified for the duty they perform.





LIBERO CLINIC  ~                                        BADGE WHEN COMPLETED =   (L)


2020 Officiating Overview


Libero Control (w/quiz)

16 min


LINE JUDGE CLINIC ~                                      BADGE WHEN COMPLETED =   (J)


2020 Officiating Overview


Line Judge Essentials

10 min


SCORE CLINIC ~                                                BADGE WHEN COMPLETED = (S)


2020 Officiating Overview


Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set (w/quiz)

25 min

Scoring – Deciding Set (w/quiz)

7 min

Basic Scoring Example

6 min


38 min




2020 Officiating Overview


Junior Second Referee

23 min

Junior Signals

16 min


39 min




2020 Officiating Overview


Junior First Referee (w/quiz)

20 min

2019-20 Critical Rules & Interpretations

10 min


30 min


You should be able to tell when you have completed your certification while reviewing your USAV Academy main page.

Just click on the My Certificates icon to the left of the Learning Activities column for your completed 2019 certificates. 

Please note: If you have signed up for several clinics (for example if you signed up for clinics R2,scoring, and line judge) your certification will not post until you have completed all three clinics. It's best to sign up for one clinic at a time. Then your certification will post immediately when you finish.

To double-check your certification, log back into your member account in Webpoint. If you have completed the courses required for each clinic/certification, your certification will be posted to your member record and your membership card. 

If it is not immediately posted you have not completed all the courses required for certification! 

To check to see what you still need, click back on the USAV Academy button and look at your courses still listed in the Learning Activities column. If you see a course with a Green GO Button--you must take that course.


Run in to a problem while taking the online officiating clinics? Worry no more! 
USA Volleyball has a HELPDESK that will assist you in the event of trouble with the online clinics. If a problem was to pop up---don’t call the Delta Region office—instead contact the  online  professionals. 

Just click on the HELP tab located at the top of your main page in the Volleyball Academy. 

Before you submit a Help ticket, take time to review the Knowledge Base articles. In many cases, the problem that you are experiencing has also been experienced by someone else and the solution to your problem is posted. If you can’t find your particular issue listed, then submit a help desk ticket. 

Someone will get back to you in a timely manner. Remember to include your name and USAV Membership number, if you have it handy. Always include that you are from the Delta Region on all correspondence to the Help Desk in case the region office can be of assistance. 


USA Volleyball Academy Help Desk

Trouble with the Volleyball Academy while trying to complete a module or clinic? Click on this link and fill out a Help Ticket. Someone from the Help Desk will answer your email and give you some guidance.


The first thing you need to do when getting ready to take the online Officials Clinics is REGISTER for the clinic in your USAV Member Account. Doing this will synchronize your USAV Academy credentials to match your current Webpoint (member account) login information giving the system a place to post your certifications. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR CLINICS DIRECTLY THROUGH THE VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY!! Hint--make sure your password does not have any special characters like $, &, @, etc. The system will not allow you to take the online clinics with special characters in your password--the password becomes invalid.

To register for the clinics:

  1. Go to to login to your Member Account
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. On the left bottom section of the page look for the Region Clinics tab (not USAV Clinics) and then click on Region Ref/Score Clinics
  4. A list of clinics will then come up on the page. Read each description carefully for the clinic you wish to take. If you are a junior player—only take the clinics listed for junior players. DO NOT TAKE ANY CLINICS WITH PROFESSIONAL IN THE TITLE.
  5. Then click on the Register Now button to the right of the clinic name.
  6. Fill in and submit all your member information and hit submit. Confirm the information on the next screen and hit register.
  7. After you register for the clinic, you will receive a popup confirmation with a link to the Academy where the online clinics are hosted. If you aren’t ready to start yet—no worries—you can log back into the clinics later from your Member Account.

To log in to the place where the Delta Region Clinics can be found (after you register in your Member Account), just click on the  “Volleyball Academy” red button on your Member Account page. You will then be directed to the Academy's Learning Material site. 

When you have completed all modules for the clinic you registered for, your certification will immediately appear under the Officiating tab on the first page of your Member Account. If your page still list “in-progress” this means that you have not completed all of the modules. Log back into the Academy to see what you missed. Some clinics have more than one module; look below to find out what modules are needed to complete a clinic.

Please Note: Watch the introduction to the clinics first that is titled "2020 Officiating Overview" for instructions on taking the modules. This is a requirement to receive your certification(s).

COMPLETED CERTIFICATIONS ARE POSTED IMMEDIATELY TO THE INDIVIDUALS MEMBER RECORD AND THE TEAM ROSTER WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED EVERY CLINIC YOU SIGNED UP FOR...HINT: Only sign up for one clinic at a time. Then when you finish that particular clinic, your certification will immediately post. If you sign up for several clinics at the same time, none of your certifications will post until you complete everything.


All teams are only required to have six certified officials on their team rosters. These certifications are: one adult R1; one R2; one Score keeper; one Libero tracker; and two line judges. The Delta Region does not require that everyone on the team have a certification, as long as these six certifications are filled. Some clubs may require all players to take everything---sorry---if so, expect to be on the computer for about 2.4 hours to complete all courses.

Certifications are posted immediately to the team roster.  An individual certification will be listed on the team roster as a Badge: 1-means they are certified to R1; 2-means they are certified to R2; S-certified to keep score ; J-certified to Line Judge; and L-certified to be a Libero tracker.

A "P"  listed on the team roster means that individual is not certified-they are still in-progress. If a team member has a "P" on the team roster, that individual needs to log back into the Academy to see which Module was missed.



Want to help your child’s team with their officiating responsibilities during a tournament? The Delta Region has a special membership for parents of players for only $27.00! With the “Chaperone” membership you can be added to the team roster which will allow you to be court-side to call lines, keep score or even referee. I’m sure the team’s coach would appreciate the help.

Just go to JOIN NOW to become a member, choosing the Chaperone category. You will need to undergo a background screening at a cost of $18.50, become certified to officiate and you will need to take the FREE SafeSport training course—because we want to keep our young athletes safe. Talk with your team coach for instructions and join USA Volleyball and the Delta Region today!


Club Directors should encourage all coaches of their junior teams to view the online officiating clinics and to become certified as an R1 referee and a scorer. The additional information gained from these clinics should make for more informed coaches---plus, will make them better trainers of their team officials.


q. how do I take the clinic?

A. In order to take the officiating modules, first you have to REGISTER for the clinic.

  • Log into Webpoint (our membership database) at
  • Type in Username and password
  • Under Region Clinics, click on Region Ref/Score Clinics
  • Follow on-screen prompts to REGISTER  for the required/desired clinics.
  • Click on red Login to USAV Academy button to jump to Academy to take course work.
  • Once registered, go to USAV Academy by logging into Webpoint and clicking on that same red Academy button.

Q. I have my certificate. Why am I still showing a “P” on my record?

A. Since the Volleyball Academy system generates a certificate every time someone completes a module, this can get confusing. When the member gets a certificate, they say, “Yay! I am finished I have my certificate!” PLEASE NOTE: They are not finished. The system will generate about 4-6 certificates for each module as part of the R2 and the Scorer Clinics. (I am trying to get USAV to do away with the certificates).

Q. I took the second referee course and have my certificateBut, I still have a “P” on my record.

 A. One of the modules listed in the cadre of courses to complete for the Second Referee Clinic is called “Junior Second Referee”.  Some think that when they finish this particular module (in which they will get a certificate) that they are done. They are not! They still have to complete the other modules listed and the introduction required for clinic—which in-all take about 46 minutes.

Q. I watched the clinic. Why do I have a “P” on my record?

A. In some cases, individuals are only watching the Introduction Slide, which is only about 3-4 slides. The introduction slides are just that, there to introduce you to the requirements for completing each clinic.

Q. I just want to be an R2. But, coach says I have to take scoring courses also?

A. Though the scoring clinic is not required this season for an R2—referees need to understand how to keep score and how to read the score book in case someone messes up the score.

Q. How can I tell if I am through with my clinics and certified?

A. Just log into your Member Account at; put in your username and password; then click on “Member Profile” and then the Coaching/Officiating” tab at the upper right corner. If you are certified, it will read Junior Referee or Junior Scorer, etc. If it reads “In progress”, you are not done.

Q. How can I tell which other modules I need to take to get finished?

A. From your member account, click on the red USAV Academy button. The first page to open is your “Account” page. Look at your “Learning Activities” section on this page. You will see the top section that list the modules you are “ENROLLED” in and the bottom section lists the modules that you have “COMPLETED”. You need to make sure to take all modules listed in the Enrolled section. These modules are all part of the Clinic you registered for…R1, R2, Scorer, Line Judge or Libero.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not spend around 46 minutes getting your Junior R2 certification and about 32 minutes getting your Junior Scorer certification—then you did not finish the clinics.