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Help with my SportsEngine Account

How to Update Profile Information

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab of your user dashboard.
  2. Click on the profile that you want to update.
  3. To the right of Profile Information, click the Pencil Icon to edit. 

  1. In the relevant field(s), input, or change all of your updated information.
  2. Scroll down and click Save.
    • NOTE: Messages from teams or groups are sent to both the registered athlete's profile email address and the account owner's primary email address.

How to Add Mobile Phone Numbers to Receive Messages

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab in your user dashboard.

  2. Click on one of the profiles you would like to add a mobile phone number too. 
  3. Next to Profile Information, click the pencil icon
  4. Scroll down to the "Phone" field. 
  5. Input your phone number.
  6. Click Save
  7. On the left-hand navigation in your user dashboard, click on the Settings tab.
  8. Scroll down to Notification Settings
  9. Within the organization that you are affiliated with, on the right side of the page, check the box next to your number.

Notifications will not show the received message itself, but will alert users of messages in their account.

How to Add Additional Emails to Receive Messages for an Athlete

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab of your user dashboard.

  2. Select the athlete's profile that needs the email address added.

  3. In the top-right corner, click the Pencil Icon to edit.

  4. Enter the additional email address in the "Email Address 2" field.

  5. Scroll down and click Save. 

How to Add a Profile Picture

NOTE: Adding or updating a profile picture will not place that picture on any SportsEngine Team Page roster. 

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab of your user dashboard.

  2. Choose the profile that needs a photo.

  3. In the top-left corner, click the Camera Icon on the profile image.

    • Click Clear Photo if there is a picture you would like to remove.

  4. Click Upload a New Photo and select the new photo from your computer.

  5. Click and drag the arrows to resize the image crop circle.

  6. Click Save.

How to Merge Duplicate Profiles within My SPORTSENGINE ACCOUNT

NOTE: If you can't merge two sub-profiles of an athlete together, you are more than likely the Guardian of that athlete. Guardians can see athlete sub profiles in their account, however they are not able to merge them together. The account owner of that particular sub profile will need to merge the duplicate profiles. 

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab of your dashboard.
  2. Click, hold down the mouse, then drag the profile to merge on top of the other sub-profile.
  3. Click Merge to confirm.
    • NOTE: Basic information for the profile that you merged will be lost if it is different than the other profile.

I Have Two SportsEngine Households That I Need Merged Together

NOTE: This article is for users that have more than one SportsEngine Account, not more than one SportsEngine athlete sub profile. Click HERE to learn the difference. 

Have two SportsEngine Households that need to be merged together?

Email to ask for them to be merged. 

What is the Difference Between an Account Owner Profile and a Player Sub Profile?

An "account owner profile" and a "player sub profile" are both profiles of the Household.  So what's the difference?

An account owner profile is the profile for the owner of the household.  This profile should never be tied to registration and/or the roster unless the account owner is also an athlete/coach.  The account owner profile will have a login to the account, have full access to edit the account, and can manage other sub-profiles on the account.

  • "Guardians" cannot be added to an account owner profile.  However, an account owner profile can be a Guardian of a player profile.

The account owner profile is signified by the banner that reads "Me."


A player profile is an account sub-profile for an athlete and should be tied to a registration and/or the roster. A player profile will not have a login to the account and will only be created during registration or when added to a roster.  

  • Guardians can be added to a player profile.

The player profiles are highlighted below.


Why We Require Email Activation To Create SportsEngine Accounts

SportsEngine requires you to provide a valid email address when setting up your SportsEngine account. Providing a valid email address is an industry standard practice when creating a new profile.

We follow this practice for a number of other important reasons, including:

  • Protecting your private data when sending the information during a registration session.
  • Abiding by requirements from other countries (e.g., EU) to provide a confirmed opt-in process.
  • Providing helpful support when you forget your password (we have the valid email address and can easily send you a reset password link.)
  • Preventing spam accounts from being created.
  • Verifying ownership of the email address.
  • Confirming that you indeed want to opt-in for communications from SportsEngine websites.
  • Providing you with a confirmation that you have opted-in for communications from SportsEngine and that you want to become a member of the site.
  • Providing organizations an ability to do member outreach within their organization.

Helpful Tip! 

For parents/families having trouble with an account- you can direct them to for technical assistance.