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Officiating Information for All Levels


The courses and training modules are a member benefit, and are only be available to USAV registered members.  We now have a new Learning Academy platform that will provide access to the online training materials and track the completed certifications for each member. This is a streamlined and simplified process that will eliminate the need to register in one system and take the courses in another.

JUNIOR PLAYERS All Junior players will automatically be enrolled in the complete set of officiating team courses.  These courses are optional, but if your coach wants you to be an R2 or scorer, you are already enrolled and the courses appear on the player's dashboard.  Line Judge certification is no longer required.

JUNIOR COACHES and ADULT PARENT-OFFICIALS All Adult Coaches & Parent-Officials will automatically be enrolled in the courses they need to officiate for their teams.  These courses will NOT allow you to officiate for pay.  If you wish to also become a Professional Referee, please contact the Region office at

Professional Officials: Ignore the Junior coursework assigned to you.  We have established shorter Delta Region-only courses that should be available in a few days.  Professional Provisional Official 1st year; Professional Provisional Official Year 2+, Professional Regional Referee-Advancement Training, Professional Regional Referee-Recertifying. 

To access USAV Academy courses, follow the instructions below.

To login to your USAV Academy Account:

  • Follow this link and login to your SportsEngine account
  • Click on Household, then select the correct person
  • Click on the “View Details” on the USA Volleyball membership card , then click the USAV Academy button